A domain name registrar is an accredited organization that allows you to officially register your desired domain name. The registrar officiates the sale, and takes the domain name off the market. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for assigned Names and Numbers, currently accredits domain name registrars for many top-level domains, including com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .name, and more.

Originally there was just one company that could register your domain name for you, but now there are literally hundreds. Legitimate domain name registrars are accredited by the ICANN. ICANN is a private, non-profit corporation that has been given the responsibility oaf allocating IP addresses and managing the Domain Name System. Without domain names, you would have to type in the numerical IP address, instead of the custom name.

Registrars can’t actually sell you the domain name, because domains aren’t actually bought and sold. They are only registered for a set period of time, usually one or two years. Once expired, anyone else may be able to register the same domain and claim ownership, unless the registration is renewed before it expires. You can renew a domain name through the registrar you initially registered the site with.

When working with a registrar, you will have to pay a fee to cover the domain name registration, including cost of labor for the registrar. Domain Name Registrars provide a domain search service, allowing you to search for domains and check their availability. Within the registration fee, many provide additional services including customer service and support, administration tools and sometimes even a free single landing page you can tailor to your business while your final website is still being built.

When selecting a domain name registrar, you should investigate the various services that come bundles with the domain name to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Many web hosting providers also function as domain name registrars, and it is often more economical to have one company take care of the entire process. Make sure whoever you work with is accredited by ICANN, to avoid being scammed.

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